Saturday, 29 September 2012

Aydos Orman

I'm quite proud of this find as I came across it the night before I flew out, and it also highlights that I'm becoming insane at spotting coasters from the satellite imagery. This one appeared to have a caterpillar coaster under the trees. This was the park that the coaster at Malpete had been labelled as coming from so I was a bit unsure whether the journey would be worthwhile. The park itself is more a night time chill out place with lots of seats up a forested hillside for families to unwind at. On one edge there are a small number of rides including a coaster. Yay! The gods were smiling on me. A nearby work in progress pirate ship provided some loud music and heading to that I found a couple of guys who were hesitatingly happy to open up the ride for me.

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