Saturday, 29 September 2012

Park Yakilmaz Lunapark

Sometimes fortune smiles on you and this was one of those days. Checking satellite imagery showed that a park used to reside here but panoramio images showed that it had been replaced with a seafront full of model dinosaurs so I thought I'd check it out on the off-chance. Finding the park proved to be a nightmare however and the driver spent a lot of time arguing with the locals to find it. I don't speak Turkish but I know at one point words like this were said.

"it must exist, he has evidence here from the internet (holding up my maps)"
"The internet must be wrong"
"The internet is never wrong".
(I got only from the word internet :)

Anyway we did actually find the dinosaur park but as we approached the driver asked a guard for the lunapark and was directed away from the dinosaur park towards a small collection of rides further along the seafront. Even better there was another flying Mini Canyon ride amongst them. The park also had a little 10D cinema attraction. Yep, in Turkey they go to 10! Finding a coaster having seen no evidence of one leads me to believe I'm developing a sixth sense, or should that be 6D?

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