Saturday, 29 September 2012


This is an indoor amusement park located in the Anatolium Mall complex, south-east of the city. I'd read about this place in the weeks leading up to the trip as it was rumoured to be the home of a new looping IE Park rollercoaster. The park itself is located at one end of the mall and the coaster is there squeezed into a shaded corner away from the rest of the rides. It wasn't the looping model but was still a sizeable ride, at least compared to the dragons and caterpillars I'd been encountering. The coaster is 5TL to ride and you need to buy a card for 1TL that you then charge up. The staff were enforcing a 2 person minimum rule which meant I had to drag on my rather unwilling driver to make up the numbers. Rather strangely having ridden it the driver jumped out and I was sent around on my own; perhaps they were using me to test whether one person would still make it around. Upon leaving the park the driver had to go and recover so I guess he liked it :)

Great location for a disk-o

The top of the ride isn't quite to the ceiling, but it's close enough.


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