Sunday, 30 September 2012

Topkapi Palace

This palace and grounds are the a large recreational space/museum and a massive display of opulence for those who like their gold. This also gets extremely busy so I'd suggest doing this early on. Fortunately a lot of coach parties spend so much time at the entrance that you can nip through, get your ticket and go and work from the back forward, making it a little less painful.

Guard cat is ensuring no trouble is brought into the palace grounds.

There are lots of spaces where the sultans would bring their harems for an evening's enjoyment. If you don't understand what I'm on about then the modern-day equivalent would be imagining how busy this room would get with women if Kanye West showed up.

The view over the Bosphorous River.

Marble all over the place. No sliding because we're allowed to keep our shoes on. I did try a little glide when no-one was looking.

You don't want to know what was done in this room..Ergh!

Heading out whilst the mobs head in

Despite being busy there are still serene spots, if you can find them.

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