Saturday, 29 September 2012

Basak Park

This park is the east-most park of all those I'd visited and I had to tap into the data roaming on the phone to direct the driver to it. The park had a decent collection of rides but was closed :( Located in the back was a strange looking ride that I tried my best to photo but couldn't really get a shot that revealed what it was. On walking the perimeter I spotted an old chap in the park clearly providing some sort of security. A quick chat via the driver and I was allowed in to photo it. I'm not sure if it's a suspended ride or a dark ride that's no longer in the dark. A lack of trains didn't help either.

The strange looking ride at the back of the park

Trying to view the ride from around the back. I had to clamber through a building site complete with exposed nails sticking out of the ground to get to this. Still not obvious what this is.

A view from the ride once I was allowed in the park.

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