Saturday, 29 September 2012

Landora Temali Park

The final day in Istanbul was a contingency day and having failed to complete the silly itineraries on both previous days, became essential to get around everything. First up was the main reason for choosing to visit Turkey, Landora Temali Park a proper themed park within a new construction that included large mall, hotels and entertainment complex. However when we got there we found it closed. Looking online there are reports around the rides having not received their certification due to some sort of contractual dispute. No videos or photos exist online within the park indicating that this wasn't just the park being closed on a Monday. It's reported to have 2 coasters although only one was visible the outside, the other is within a mountain. A shame but I always feel a closed coaster is a good reason to come back and given the announcement of a larger theme park called Vialand due for 2013 I can see myself definitely coming back.

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