Monday, 1 October 2012

Random Nonsense

Kipa is Tesco's under a different name. I thought this might be due to "tesco" meaning something rude in Turkish but it wasn't the case. If they sold clothing here then they could use the strapline "stitched up like a kipa"

I'm not sure how to interpret this sign. Is it a good thing or bad?

"Kom" is a swimwear chain in Turkey and all around the city they have large pictures of scantily dressed woman with "Kom" written above it. Kom? I nearly did!

These were quite nice and could be found around the city. Each passage was different. A nice way to encourage people to read new stuff.

The pigeons will eat the homeless if they don't move quickly enough.

I don't know what sort of topping comes on a kinki pizza.

When you want something more chocolately than a brownie.

Cindy Crawford still has it at the age of 72, or however old she is. In Turkey a cardigan is called a Kazak. So now you know what Kazakstan translates to!

I have no idea what this film is telling the story of but leaning against it whilst waiting for a tram was not the cleverest move.

Give up your seat to people who like old Apple products.

The layout of this reminded me of Battlestar Galactica

I figured out why Baywatch was not successful in Turkey! It translates to Men Watch.

In Turkey McDonalds do delivery. Sad times!

Is this where Kanye West gets his shoes polished? Talk about blinging!

Kefir is a very strange drink that is a bit like fizzy milk. It's very popular in Turkey but it feels quite odd in the mouth (fnar!) 

I couldn't find a "etero" brand.

I'm guessing Persil was too close to Persian hence Tursil

Not the sort of language to use around children is it really?

"Fine "dinning" says a lot about the quality of the live music I think.

When you want something more chocolately than a brownie but are watching your weight.

I don't want to know what you want to do with your fist.

Not a cliched Englishman at all

Not a place to take your kid if they're scare of clowns.

Early Hittite Facepalm. Found at Anitkabir

The hotel kindly gave me some complimentary marmalade. I'm not sure why.

This place sells t-shirts big enough to go camping in.

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