Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hagia Sophia

Now I loved this building as it was both immense and old and beggared the question just how they got it built. Unfortunately I also spent too much time try to figure out how to climb it; those who've played Assassins Creed will understand why. This place opens at 9am and four about £8 you get to walk around the building, which is a vast empty space of solid stone. Upstairs there are some reliefs and display pieces of the art that used to be found on its walls.

I can just hop there, then over up onto that etc...


I was one of the first ones in. I even beat the Chinese!

A view from the upper deck.

Getting busy now

Some of the releifs are still immaculate.

 Around the right hand side of the Hagia there's a free to enter mausoleum section where you can see the resting places of entire lineages. Despite the wealth it seemed strange to have no decoration on the tombs themselves, leaving them looking like houses in Monopoly

The interiors of the mausoleums are stunning though.

Stunning on the outside too!

A view of it at night, just as majestic.

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