Saturday, 29 September 2012

Park Lunasan

First park of day 2 and we were headed into the Asian side for the parks out there. The largest park
in Turkey is currently this one and is around 90 minutes drive east of Istanbul on the edge of Izmit city. Tal had kindly posted the opening times, which are missing off their website and I knew that on Sundays it opened at 1300. When I got there I noticed that they were now opening at 1400 so I was a little bit early, however the park staff seeing us sitting and waiting invited us into the park and gave me permission to walk around and take photos. The rear of the park was closed, the rides covered in tarp as evidence, denying the chance of riding one of the coasters. I did get to ride Twister Coaster however which was a great way to wake up given the energy sapping drive out (and I was the passenger!) It wasn't too bad although I only got a good spin cycle on the final leg when it bunny hops back into the station. The park has one other coaster, another small dragon.

Note the new opening times!

Miserable fish!

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