Saturday, 29 September 2012

Royal Dragon Hotel

This is the westernmost of the 3 and one that I couldn't figure out. I had written to the hotel in advance of the trip that the amusement park would be open to the public at 3pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Unlike the other two hotels, this amusement park is in a seperate compound surrounded by high fences. I could see the rides and some people through the fence but could not figure out how to reach them. There was only one gate in and that had been chained and padlocked from the inside. So either there was an underpass running between it and the hotel or the public had been deliberately locked in. Either way I wasn't prepared to hang around to figure it out and left...but they do have a rollercoaster although I'm unable to ascertain it's name.

Locked on the inside

You can just make out the ride through the trees.
The little park that's locked down tighter than a Scotsman's wallet

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