Saturday, 29 September 2012

Safari Park

As we left the Torium Mall my driver, who was quickly getting what this dumb trip was about pointed further west and said "another lunapark". Now I hadn't seen anything where he was pointing in researching the trip other than the defunct Tatilya Park, but he was right and I could see a collection of rides far off in the distance...including a sizeable rollercoaster. When we got there I was pleased to find not one, but two rollercoasters. The larger a very new looking snot-green coloured galaxi style ride. At the other side of the park was a small coaster, similar to the plane themed one in the mall called Mini Canyon. I was liking this driver who knew already what I was wanting on this trip; Google is good but you can't get beat local knowledge.

That's the Torium Mall, not too far away.

Not seen these since Japan.

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