Saturday, 29 September 2012

Star Park Torium Mall

I should give thanks to Talhat for finding this park as it wasn't one I knew about until he came back from his trip. Whilst I do loads and loads of research on Google Earth I'm very restricted to spotting indoor parks :) Luckily Tal's more thorough research located a sizeable indoor park that included three small rollercoasters. A really nice find indeed. Two of the rides were OK for me to ride; the smallest required some translation work from the taxi driver, who had kindly accompanied me into the park (more out of curiousity I suspect). It also helped to have pictures on the internet of me riding similarly stupid small rides to help paint the picture that I was a stupid credit-whore who should know better. The smallest ride was so flat I doubt it'd really qualify as a coaster at all.


Where are the hills?


Elsewhere in the mall there's an indoor snow park, which whilst by no means as big as the one in Abu Dhabi was still pretty cool...and that pun was intended.

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