Sunday, 7 October 2012

Antalya Sightseeing

Being a seaside resort there's more historical stuff around Antalya than I thought there would be. Fortunately the hotel, once I'd found it, was close to the old town and marina so that's where I headed each night.

This was my hotel, the Best Western Khan hotel. Not a bad hotel at all, it's got a great location being close to the old town and stuff. Just don't switch the TV to channel 0 :)

The hotel was surrounded by wedding shops. They really do pimp their kids up. The boys look like peacocks, and it's probably not a good idea to hold the wedding in a storm or else the wind is going to pick the kids up and blow them miles.

Descending into the old town, which was nice if you like buying tat.

Down at the marina realising that I have to climb back out.

Modern little amphitheatre that reminds me of my years in Cyprus.

Mouthwash coloured fountain effect.

 A view over the old town.

Another statue of Ataturk


That's a view across the bay towards Aktur Park which I'd be heading to at the end of the day

Nice view just don't jump down

The main high street which is lively at night.

Some more random statues.

Some old buildings

More coloured fountains

This is Hadrian's gate. Built in honour of the Hadrian guy who built a wall in England to keep the Scots out and who visited Antalya in 130. That's quite some time ago.

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