Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tacsim Square and early explore

This is one of the main hangouts for locals in the evening and is a large square with a decent number of eating establishments around. I'm not sure how lively it gets as I got here at 6am but the places were still open even at that time. The few people still around were chatting happily and smoking on those pipes.

At 0630 there's a funicular train that runs you down the hill to the main tram station but I was keen to explore and as travelling down the hill is easier than going up it, when a funicular is most useful off I walked, not really having much idea where I was headed although I knew that the Haag Sophia was down the river from the square.

Nice military statue in the centre of the square. I'd come to find many similar statues on my trip.

The square, early in the morning.

A beautifully maintained park close to the square.

One of the many tower blocks that can be found in Istanbul. First myth blown, this place is pretty well developed, and I'd come to discover way bigger than I could have foreseen.

 This stadium holds around 32,000 people and I was surprised to see something so large not stealing the skyline. It's sort of built down into the hillside. 

Down at the rivers edge and already finding some nice architecture, which I did know I'd find plenty of in Istanbul. From here Kabatas station is a short walk away and from here I took the tram to my hotel.

I was staying at the Holiday Inn, playing it safe but it's location on the tram line made it perfect as a base.

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